Some practical tips for a safe and enjoyable participation in the Road Running events

To enjoy this unique experience of participating in one of the races of the Kallithea Night Run event and to avoid putting yourself at risk, you should be in good shape and healthy on the day of the race.

In our capacity as Organisational Committee, we would like to welcome you to our event. However, we are ethically bound to draw the attention of all the participants and, morespecifically, of those who did not prepare adequately in the time prior to the Kallithea Night Run event. We would like to emphasise the fact that whether you have been medically cleared or not – especially by a cardiologist – whether there is a pre-existing medical condition or not, in any case, the responsibility of participation lies solely with the athlete. The following instructions aim to inform all the participants to as great an extent as possible, to contribute to their performance and their safe and enjoyable participation.

The Eve of the Race
Avoid rigorous training and seek your rest early. Prepare your supplies and your equipment for the event in the evening before the event and make sure your dinner is light and rich in carbohydrates – bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. Don’t forget to hydrate, especially if there is a forecast for high temperatures on the day of the race. Avoid alcohol.

On the Day of the Race
- Don’t run if you are not feeling well even if it is something you really want to do and you have spent time preparing. Most medical incidents happen to athletes who, despite not feeling well, participate normally because they do not want to miss that particular event. If you feel as if you are running a fever, if you have vomited, if you have diarrhoea or chest pains, please do not participate in any race. Do not risk your health.
- Wear appropriate clothing, depending on the weather. Wear shoes you have worn before and you know they will not cause any blisters on your feet.
- Have your breakfast a few hours before the beginning of the race. Make sure it is a light breakfast and avoid products with high fat content.
- Wake up in time for the Start of the race and avoid anything that would make you feel stressed.
- Keep well hydrated. You can drink 250ml of water until half hour before the Start of the race.

During the Race
The longer you run, the more important hydration and proper nutrition becomes. Drink regularly but do not overdo it. You should opt for products you have already tried in the past and it would be preferable to consume liquids and  moothies that are more easily digested by the body.
Run gently, especially if the level of your preparation for the race has not been adequate. Follow this advice and it is highly likely that you will be able to meet the demands of the event without seeking medical assistance. There are doctors and volunteers throughout the route to provide any help that is required.

At the Finish Line
When you cross the finish line, do not stand or sit. Keep walking, especially if you are feeling dizzy and drink a lot of liquids so you can replenish what you lost during the race.
Go to the area where you left your personal belongings and, as quickly as possible, wear dry and warm clothes. Next, make sure you drink and eat something but sip your drink and swallow your food slowly. Finally, do not consume large quantities of water.
If, for whatever reason, you feel listless, dizzy or weak, seek medical attention immediately.

May You Be Successful!

The Organisational Committee – Kallithea Night Run.